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    Hi, I have bought a new timber cabin, where I would like to rebuild the timber garage (connected to the house) with a bedroom and the perfect luxury sauna. The sauna should be: • With: 2 to 2,50 meters • Length: 2 to 2,50 meters • Height: 2,1 to 2,50 meters • Please recommend the optimal size based on my wishes below. Attached picture of the room is attached below. Floors in sauna will be with tiles; see picture of tiles below. And please prepare drawings and sketches as well as a list of all components I need together with a proposal on these (should be shipped to Trysil in Norway). 1. Code 15933 – ELECTRIC SAUNA HEATER HARVIA LEGEND PO11, 11,0kW, SET a. Or Harvia Clindro Pro b. Or ELECTRIC SAUNA HEATER SAUNUM PROFESSIONAL i. Please recommend which is the best 2. Ventura Sauna Benches 3. HARVIA LEGEND GLASS DOOR PINE 4. You state in first page that “use whole color of our wood range” a. So please suggest best mix of wall and roof with chosen benches 5. Lights a. CARIITTI SAUNA LIGHTING SETS VPAC-1527-N221 b. CARIITTI VPL30NL-N4M c. Is it recommended to use both of these? 6. Harvia loudspeakers or others if you recommend that 7. I have a window in the room already; is it needed to replace it? a. Because of heat from sauna! b. If needed I can replace existing one; maybe with a bigger window! Best regards,

Näitan 1 postitust (kokku 1-st postitusest)
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